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        2023-2024 Board Executive Team

Blue Skies

2023-2024 Board Members

Madelyn Dunston
Natasha Ellis
Barry McConatha
Thomas McFarland
Tami Peavy-Owen
Nigel Poole
Lezlie Poole
Rachel Price
Irmgard Schopen-Davis
Kamesha Sims
Donavan Smalley
Alwen Yeung

2022-2023 season ticket members

We appreciate our 2022-2023 season ticket members. Thank you for supporting our local theater group.

Producer’s Circle

Citizens Bank of Americus

Laura & Barry McConatha

George & Anne Peagler

Director’s Circle

Wade & Susan Barr

William & Janis Bird

Kenneth Dinella

Stephanie Harvey

Junior Service League

Bill & Meda Krenson

Tom & Sharon McFarland

Rachel & Michael Moir

Allison & Nathan Peck

Jennifer & Chuck Wells

James Wolfe


Gary Fisk & Ellen Cotter

Irmgard Schopen-Davis & Bryan Davis

Farmers Feed & Seed

Rebecca & Johnny Ferguson

J. Marion & Virginia Franklin

Anne C. Jacobs

Julie Megginson & Sam Peavy

Richard & Geri Nelson

Judge Rucker Smith

James Thaxton

Chanh Tu

Elayne & Tom Whitten 


Diane Affolter

Robert Clay

Alwen Yeung


Kevin Mournighan

Herschel & Pam Smith


Gale Burnick

Diann Ehrler

Mabel Keene

Phyllis Smith

Sybil Smith

Amy Tennant

Betsy Watson

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