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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

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 Tickets: or 229-931-0001

Adult: $17   Youth/Senior:  $12

Adopt a Character
Cost: $50

As a fundraiser for this show (to help offset production costs such as costumes, set, and scripts) the cast is participating in an "Adopt a Character" fundraiser.


Sponsors will be recognized with:

  • A thank you signed by the cast member.

  • A signature "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" cupcake

  • A possible photo "Meet and Greet" with the cast

To adopt, complete the "Adopt a Character" form below and send a donation:

Donate online or mail a $50 check to SPI | PO Box 154 | Americus, GA 31709

Nathan Jackson_edited_edited.jpg

Nathan Jackson

Adopted by: First Presbyterian Church​

I'm a theater kid, and it is exciting to be back on stage as Aslan, a character that means so much to me. I promise you're going to enjoy what I and the rest of the cast have in store for you.

Cassie Martin_edited.jpg

White Witch
Cassie Martin

Adopted by: Hannah Ricketts-Pitts

I’ve always loved playing “the bad guy.” I’m excited to bring myself to the role and work with children. It's my first time being in a production with kids - it's amazing to watch them work.

Hope Smith_edited.jpg

Hope Smith

Adopted by: Mama Peace

I am looking forward to acting in my first play and being on stage all dressed up for the part. I really enjoy being creative and artistic.

Davis Holloway_edited.jpg

Davis Holloway

Adopted by: The Mixon Family, Jennifer O'Rourke Seibel

I love acting. It is just fun! I also enjoy playing baseball, singing, wrestling, and playing video games. I would like to be an actor or teacher in the future

Meet the Cast

Mariana Detitta_edited.jpg

Mariana DeTitta

Adopted by: Allison Peck

I like doing creative things with my community! Theater gives people the opportunity to express yourself in a whole new way.


Matthew Peck

Adopted by: Emily Rouse

My favorite thing about acting is how you can assume a whole new identity and tell a story for other people to enjoy. I would love to tell stories as a career.

Maya Campbell_edited.jpg

Mrs. Beaver
Maya Campbell

Adopted by: Gary Fisk and Ellen Cotter

I love that you don't have to be yourself when you're acting. You can portray a character from a totally different universe or even someone who is a complete opposite of you.

Logan Everett_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Beaver
Logan Everett

Adopted by: Kari Bodrey

Participating in this show allows me to use my acting talent and to meet new people who enjoy theater as much as I do. I love making people laugh.

Zoe McCord_edited.jpg

Zoe McCord

Adopted by: Jan M. Wadkins Theatre has always been a part of my heart, and doing what I love at college keeps me going.


Madelyn Dunston

Adopted by: James Wolfe

I love this cast and crew and I adore this production (especially the little things), and I'm so excited and grateful to be apart of it.

Doyle Peek_edited.jpg

Tumnus the Faun
Doyle Peek

Adopted by: Susie DeTitta

I love the atmosphere and the people involved in this production. It's just amazing to be able to act and be part of a wonderful team.


Fenris Ulf
Brandon Price

Adopted by: Randall's Auto Repair

This is my very first production, but I have had experience working backstage. I am very thankful for this experience and to my family.

Syruis Zhang_edited.jpg

Syruis Zhang

Adopted by: Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Doble

I love being a part of theater. My favorite thing about it is the environment. When I grow up, I just want to have fun.

Wade Barr_edited.jpg

Father Christmas
Wade Barr

Adopted by: Mark and Tina Todd

I am so excited to be back on stage and in the Rylander again. My favorite thing about theater is working with all the people.

Riley Kate SMith_edited.jpg

Elf / Forest Animal
Riley Kate Smith

Adopted by: The Barksdale Family

I am really excited to be on the big stage. My favorite thing about theater is meeting new people and learning new things. I want to be a professional barrel racer when I grow up.

Emily Kauffman_edited_edited.jpg

Emily Kauffman

Adopted by: Pat Turner

I love to act. I had been in one other kid's summer theater program, but I am very excited to be part of this cast.

Aidan Wu_edited.jpg

Forest Animal
Aidan Wu

Adopted by: Mike and Martha Ann Fennessy

I really like the story of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," and the role I was cast in. I love the teamwork involved in this production.

Jacob Walker_edited.jpg

Army Member
Jacob Walker

Adopted by: Joan Newpeck

I love music and video games. When I was younger I always wanted to be an actor, so I have to start somewhere.

Elliot Ferguson_edited.jpg

Forest Animal
Elliot Ferguson

Adopted by: Marcus and Loida Waters, Mikki Ferguson

I am excited about participating in this production because I have never been in a real play before and it sounds like a really fun adventure to me.

Keira Ethridge_edited_edited.jpg

Forest Animal
Keira Ethridge

Adopted by: Hannah Ricketts-Pitts, Mary Jane Ethridge, Thelma Clements, and William and Shirley Moore

I have a love for performing on stage whether it be dancing, taking photos, or acting. I love to learn from those around me. Please come to the show.

Izzt Luten_edited.jpg

Forest Animal
Izzy Luten

Adopted by: Hannah Ricketts-Pitts

Being in this show is fun because it is full of adventure and battles. I look forward to seeing my friends and family in the audience.


Forest Animal
Riley Barr

Adopted by: Wade and Susan Barr

This is my first production! My favorite thing about participating has been being with other kids and going to rehearsal.


White Stag
Anna Hyche

Adopted by: Wade Barr


Army Member
Maria Kilheffer

Adopted by: Tom and Sharon McFarland


Army Member
Isabelle Strickland

Adopted by: Tom and Sharon McFarland

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